How can I pay for my sod?

We give a 1% discount for payment in cash or check.
We accept credit cards but charge a 3% service charge.

Is there sales tax on the sod?

No, we do not have to charge sales tax on the sod because we are a farm.

How do I get to Piper Family Sod Farm, Inc.?

Our address is 13399 Johnstown-Utica Rd. We are on state Rt. 62 between Johnstown and New Albany . Go to the link “where we are” to get driving directions.

What kind of Sod are you selling?

It is a 50/50 mix of Kentucky Blue Grass and Tall Fescue.

Is your sod guaranteed?

The sod will grow given the proper conditions of watering and installation. We recommend it being installed within 30 minutes of delivery and thoroughly watered. We cut the sod fresh so it has the best chance to do well.

How much watering does new sod require?

Water about 1 inch every day for 2 weeks following installation.

Thereafter, water every third day about 8-10 inches.

Should I put fertilizer on the sod?

Probably not initially. After 2 or 3 weeks if you want to add fertilizer, we recommend “Scott’s Starter fertilizer.” Don’t use regular fertilizer and Weed and Feed fertilizer on your new sod.

How can I pick up my sod?

Sod is put on pallets. We can load pallets on to your pick up truck or flat bed trailer. Keep in mind that sod is quite heavy.

When can I get my sod?

We like to cut the sod fresh so that it has the best chance for survival.

Several days notice is always helpful so that we can assemble a crew to cut the sod fresh for your project on the day you can install.

Do you Deliver?

We do not make deliveries. A pickup truck and/or trailer is useful in picking up your sod.